She was born to fulfill a divine mission, carrying messages of faith, peace and love wherever it arrives. At birth his paternal grandfather predict that in the family was born a girl with a holy light....


Contribute to the emotional and spiritual welfare of the people around me, through a sharing of experiences, love and knowledge. gradually lead to an awakening of consciousness that allows them to be better people through proper management of their energies, seeking to transform heart and soul of my people.


Support all my people with my knowledge in the spirit world toward to improve their quality of life inside, contributing to personal development and spiritual development of each of them to put their trust in me.


Sailors of all ages have left evidence of their passage through important or interesting to attest to being in them places.

Laura Granado (California)

With the help of his angels and get their support achieve the ideal partner

Juanita Santana (Orlando FL)

I got a great economical solution through its magical combinations (lucky numbers)

Wanda Rivera (Queens)

Her spiritual work helped me strengthen my household